5 Free Ways To Promote Your Blog

Making your blog successful takes time. Everyone measures success differently but for the most part I would assume that most of you reading this want more blog readers and subscribers. Whether your ultimate goal is to sell a product, make money on advertising, or simply have your voice heard, the more blog views you have, the better.  I came up with a list of 5 things that you should really do every single day if you’re serious about creating a successful blog. Now obviously, content is the absolute most important factor in running a great blog, but you already knew that. This list will go over ways to promote your blog on a daily basis and help spread the word. Even if you do every single tip on this list, it shouldn’t take you more than half hour at most.

Number 1:
 Ping your blog. Pinging your blog basically means that you’re notifying multiple search engines that you’ve recently updated your content. The process takes all of two seconds and can be really helpful. You can do this for free online, usually I’ll use one of these two free services. http://pingomatic.com/ or http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/


Number 2: Tweet your most recent blog post, and do it yourself. I know services like hootsuite can be really helpful but dfjsalkin my opinion it’s a lot more effective to personally compose a tweet pertaining to the information in your post.  The reason I prefer taking the time to do it myself instead of setting up scheduled tweets is because I like to change the wording of the tweets everyday. You don’t have to only promote your blog post once, I would do it a few times within the first week, or at least until you write another post.



fafdsaNumber 3: Share your most recent post on Facebook. This might seem obvious but again I really believe in personally writing new status’ and posts yourself as opposed to scheduling. One difference though between tweeting and sharing on Facebook is that you should post a photo from your article along with an opening statement and a link to the post. People are very visual, they’re more likely to pay attention to an image than to stop and read text.

Number 4: Comment on at least 3 blogs in a similar niche. I think this is really helpful when it comes to blog promotion. Commenting on other blogs helps form relationships with other bloggers. And forming relationships is very important when it comes to successful blogging. People are going to come to your blog because they either like you or what you have to say, hopefully both. So everyday try and find at least 3 different blogs that focus on a similar subject as you. Try to avoid just scrolling down to the comments and writing “great post!” It’s not very insightful.  Actually sit there and read the article and post a relevant comment, something to contribute to the conversation. More likely than not, the blogger or other people reading it will in turn check out your blog if they like what you had to say.

Number 5: Respond to comments on your own blog. I know it can get overwhelming if you’re getting a lot of comments per day, but if it’s manageable really try to reply to every comment, even if its simply thanking them for their opinion. Again, blogging is all about building relationships with your readers and if they know that the actual live person behind the posts will respond to their thoughts and comments, they’re more likely to voice their opinion on your blog.

Aside from these five things, you should also experiment with posting on various other social networking sites. Sites like, Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Rebelmouse, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc. With the exception of Pinterest, I’ve really had no significant success with using the other sites but things work differently for everyone so I’d definitely suggest trying them out and seeing what works for you.



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  1. Thanks for the information! I do the tweeting and facebook, but had never really heard of the other options stated!

  2. Never pinged before so I am trying this…especially since I have been away from my blog for about 2 mths. thank you for the share.Living F.A.B.ulously on Purpose

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