Benefits of hiring a professional blog designer

Chances are, if you’re serious about blogging, you spend a lot of time crafting your posts and making sure every word and photo is in the perfect place. You spend so much time on the actual content, you probably don’t put too much thought into where your posts live, your blog! Having a clean, professional blog design that represents you and/or your brand is so important nowadays. With millions of blogs out there, you want yours to stand out. If your blog looks like you actually put some thought into the layout and didn’t simply use the default template, readers will take you more seriously, and therefore pay more attention to what you have to say.

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So what are a few reasons why good blog design is important in the first place? Well like I mentioned, if you see a blog that looks sloppily put together, whether its true or not, most people will think your content is put together the same way.

People are very visual, if something looks nice, they’ll typically pay more attention to it.

You also want to be memorable. If there’s something about your blog layout that stands out, people will remember it and come back for more. In addition blogs are an excellent way to brand yourself and/or your product or service.

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If you’re serious about blogging, you should treat your blog seriously. Rather than designing your blog yourself, hiring a professional to do it for you will most definitely be worth the investment. You will be getting:

High quality graphics and editing programs

A professional designer will have the tools necessary to create a beautiful and functional layout for your blog. While there are free programs online for everyone to use, you get what you pay for. Free really cannot compare to using quality products, and the experience a designer has using those products.


A good web designer will know a lot about search engine optimization and how to implement useful strategies to bring more traffic to your blog.

An artistic eye

Professional designers know what looks good and what doesn’t. Color combinations, composition, typography, all come into play when brainstorming a quality blog design. Having someone trained in the arts will most definitely pay off when it comes to the final product.

Blog experience

A professional designer will have tons of experience creating blogs, knowing how they work, knowing which extra elements to add in order to make your site more successful. Social media icon placement and ad placement for instance, has been widely researched. There are certain things in terms of layout and design that will increase or decrease user interaction.

Extra traffic

A lot of web designers will include your newly completed blog design in their portfolio. And since they’re more than likely promoting their own services, your blog is in turn getting promoted as well.

So instead of spending your time working on your blog’s design, find the right person or company to do it for you. It will absolutely pay off. They can be hard at working creating a beautiful layout and you can continue doing what you do best, which is crafting great content.

Don’t know where to start? Kelly Stahley Designs LLC is an experienced graphic and web design company that specializes in blog design. Take a look at their portfolio here and see their most recent completed work.

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  1. I was going to comment even beforeee I saw that you used my blog for this post! Couldn’t agree with you more! My blog was a joke before I stumbled across your website. Oh g-d, I cringe just thinking about it! <3

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