Benefits of hiring a professional blog designer


Chances are, if you’re serious about blogging, you spend a lot of time crafting your posts and making sure every word and photo is in the perfect place. You spend so much time on the actual content, you probably don’t put too much thought into where your posts live, your blog! Having a clean, professional [...]

5 Free Ways To Promote Your Blog


Making your blog successful takes time. Everyone measures success differently but for the most part I would assume that most of you reading this want more blog readers and subscribers. Whether your ultimate goal is to sell a product, make money on advertising, or simply have your voice heard, the more blog views you have, [...]

Basic HTML Cheat Sheet

If you have a blog or website chances are you’ve had to deal with HTML at some point. While it might seem like a totally different language (okay maybe it actually is…) but it’s really not that difficult to understand the basics. So today I wrote out a little cheat sheet that you could look [...]

Seven Sexy Secrets for Success


Okay so these secrets for success aren’t very sexy but they will give your blog the confidence boost it needs! Whether you’re just starting out in the blogging world, or you have been running your beloved blog for ages, the best thing you can do for yourself is be constantly learning what is working, what’s [...]

10 Social Media and Blogging Statistics – Infographic


I did some research today and put together a little infographic about interesting social media and blogging statistics. While I did design this graphic myself, I take no credit for the actual statistics. I found them on two great websites that you should definitely check out if you’d like to learn more: and Did [...]

Plagiarism – Learn how to protect your content


Today I want to talk about plagiarism, a personal pet peeve of mine… and I’m pretty sure lawyers aren’t too fond of it either. I know it sounds childish, “MOM, HE’S COPYING ME!” but copycats are unfortunately not only found in elementary schools. The frustrating thing about technology these days is that it is SO [...]

Improve SEO for your site – 5 helpful tips to get you started


Click for image source So you created a website, worked on it for hours and hours on end and came up with a great looking site.  You’ve got some excellent content and a nice looking design but you’re getting hardly any views. Don’t give up just yet. There’s nothing wrong with your articles and it’s [...]

How to create a blog button


An easy step by step tutorial for creating a functional blog button for your site A blog button can be great tool for getting your name out there. Whether you’re swapping with another blogger, or someone just wants to share your button to let everyone know they enjoy reading your blog.  In any case, if [...]

Business blogging – Why blogs will bring quality traffic

business blogging

I opened my first Etsy shop in January of 2012, I had a pretty good amount of sales but since I started seriously blogging around November of that year I saw my numbers drastically increase.  Since then I’ve been very interested in figuring out why my blog brought in traffic to my shop and learning [...]

Benefits of owning your domain name


Owning your domain name is such a great investment to make. And don’t get the wrong idea when I say investment. You’d only be “investing” around $15 a year, if that. The benefits of owning a domain to your blog or website definitely outweigh the small amount of money you’d be parting with. Below I’ve [...]


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