Having a positive outlook


I’m a firm believer that your thoughts are a direct reflection of the outcome of events in your life. To put it simply, think positive, positive things will happen to you. Having a positive outlook on situations can only be beneficial to you. Sitting there dwelling on whats going wrong won’t do anything other than [...]

Free Email Marketing Software – Mail Chimp


If you’re not utilizing some type of email marketing software to advertise your business, you are definitely missing out on a great opportunity. Before I get into one of the top free email marketing programs that you should check out, I wanted to first list a few benefits that email marketing has over traditional print [...]

What makes me not buy from an Etsy seller


I’ve been selling on Etsy for about a year and a half, and have been buying on Etsy for even longer. With so many shops it can be really difficult to choose which one to do business with. And while sometimes you may actually know the person behind the shop, or receive a recommendation from [...]

Top 10 reasons why you’re not getting sales on Etsy

sell on etsy

Face it, the reason you opened your Etsy shop in the first place was to sell right? Of course it was! So what do you do when you aren’t making the sales you initially hoped for? Take a hard look at your shop, items and marketing techniques and figure out what’s working, and more importantly, [...]

Getting organized – tips for organizing your business

Basic RGB

  I think that one of the best things you can do not only for your business but for your personal life too, is get organized.  You might think it takes away time that you could be spending catching up on work, but it will be so worth it. For the past few weeks I’ve [...]

Stop caring what other people think


Looking back, there is one thing that I wish I had done differently when I first started my design business. But now that I’m thinking of it, this is just a good rule to live by in general. To put it simply.. stop caring what other people think. I didn’t realize how much taking things [...]

How to best use social media to promote your business

social media

Utilizing social media is an excellent way to promote your brand and business… if you’re using it the correct way. If you’re looking for some techniques to boost your online presence try out some of these tips. Interaction Be social. That’s the point of social media right? If all you do is tweet about your products or articles [...]

Forming an LLC, Part 1


The next few posts will be a series of articles about forming an LLC. I recently formed one for my graphic/web design business and at least for me, it was pretty complicated to understand everything. There are a lot of forms to fill out, legal actions to take, and certificates to get published. If you’re [...]

How to use a vision board to transform your business

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I’m sure most of you have heard about vision boards, the idea was made hugely popular when The Secret was first released. However, it’s a concept that’s been around for ages. A vision board is a powerful visualization tool that is used to activate the law of attraction.  Before I go into detail about vision [...]

The secret to successfully building a business

finding your niche

Today I wanted to write a post about what I think to be the most important thing to figure out when building a business. It also applies to writing blogs, ebooks, actual books etc. So what is it? Finding your niche. A niche is basically your specialty. Typically, the more focused and specific your niche is, the [...]


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