A step-by-step guide to successful sales on Etsy

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I recently bought a book that had some really awesome tips for selling on Etsy. It’s called, “How to sell your crafts online. A step-by-step guide to successful sales on Etsy and beyond.” Aside from the fact that it has some excellent content, the whole design of the book is really aesthetically appealing, which I [...]

What makes me not buy from an Etsy seller


I’ve been selling on Etsy for about a year and a half, and have been buying on Etsy for even longer. With so many shops it can be really difficult to choose which one to do business with. And while sometimes you may actually know the person behind the shop, or receive a recommendation from [...]

Top 10 reasons why you’re not getting sales on Etsy

sell on etsy

Face it, the reason you opened your Etsy shop in the first place was to sell right? Of course it was! So what do you do when you aren’t making the sales you initially hoped for? Take a hard look at your shop, items and marketing techniques and figure out what’s working, and more importantly, [...]

How to improve your product photography – 5 Tips

Photograph by LilyEmme Jewelry

When selling your items online, good photography is crucial. Since potential buyers can’t physically see or touch the product, your pictures and description are all they have to go by. Another thing I have found is that high quality photographs are without a doubt more often shared by others. If you notice on Etsy the [...]

The secret to successfully building a business

finding your niche

Today I wanted to write a post about what I think to be the most important thing to figure out when building a business. It also applies to writing blogs, ebooks, actual books etc. So what is it? Finding your niche. A niche is basically your specialty. Typically, the more focused and specific your niche is, the [...]

Top 10 Etsy Shops – Top ten handmade sellers on Etsy


Today I wanted to share with you the current top 10 Etsy shops. These ten shops each have had a minimum of 35,000 sales! All these sellers have some amazing handmade products that you should check out. These shops are definitely a huge inspiration and truly prove that it is possible to make a living doing something [...]

Product descriptions – How to write descriptions that sell


Having a great product descriptions are a huge key to success when selling your work online.  When a potential customer browses your shop, all they have to go by are your photos and descriptions. Below I have a few tips to help you write amazing product descriptions that will hopefully make your items fly out [...]

Etsy success – how to promote your shop


With over 800,000 active shops on Etsy, it can be a challenge to stand out. But that doesn’t mean give up! It just means you’re going to have to put some work into it. I know that there are few people that actually make their living off Etsy; but the majority keep it as a [...]

Business blogging – Why blogs will bring quality traffic

business blogging

I opened my first Etsy shop in January of 2012, I had a pretty good amount of sales but since I started seriously blogging around November of that year I saw my numbers drastically increase.  Since then I’ve been very interested in figuring out why my blog brought in traffic to my shop and learning [...]


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