FREE Giveaway! – Two months of free ad space

It’s time for a giveaway! This giveaway is for two months of free ad space. I’ve done a bunch of research on where the best place to put ads are and have come up with that the end of each post is a great spot. Why is this? Well, once a reader is finished reading an article, there’s a pretty good chance that they’re looking for something else to read. And BOOM there is your ad, they click on it, fall in love with you and we all live happily ever after. (Okay maybe it won’t go exactly like that but you get the point!)

So there are a bunch of ways you can enter to win this ad space and a few options that allow you to gain even more entries every day. This is going on for two weeks so come back and earn some more chances to win! I’ll announce the winner the day the giveaway is over and your ad will go up immediately and run for two consecutive months.  So what are you waiting for, go enter! You’ve got nothing to lose! Any questions feel free to contact me : )


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  1. I love this idea – I’m really trying to advertise with people lately. I hope I win!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity! I will be advertising my Etsy store, if I win. :)

  3. Mentioned you on my recent post:

  4. Well, the ultimate goal is traffic to my Etsy shop, if I won the giveaway! But would it be better to advertise my blog, which would then link to my shop? Thoughts? The blog can be found currently at while the shop can be found at – What would you recommend?

  5. Mentioned this giveaway in my blog post — it’s at the end, but it’s there! I really do appreciate all of the encouragement you gave when you featured me on Blart, and it has been so inspiring hearing about your story!

  6. This would be super awesome for my blog…which has 0 followers right now! I can’t wait to start interacting with followers.

    • Your blog is great! It just takes some time to gain followers. I just tweeted about your site maybe that’ll help :)

  7. I would be advertising either my blog or my etsy shop. :-) My blog is still in the newborn stages, so there is not much to look at there yet…

  8. Alicia Bell says:

    I would be advertising my etsy store. I am really starting to get in the groove of it. Getting myself out there,widening my circle and concentrating on my craft and pictures.

  9. I would advertise my shop on Etsy.

  10. my moms etsy shop

  11. I think I’d advertise my homewares store on Etsy.

  12. I’d have to decide…I’d either advertise my business cards, my survey review site, or my Squidoo page about selling art through print on demand services.


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