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I’m a firm believer that your thoughts are a direct reflection of the outcome of events in your life. To put it simply, think positive, positive things will happen to you. Having a positive outlook on situations can only be beneficial to you. Sitting there dwelling on whats going wrong won’t do anything other than make you miserable. Of course, to a point it’s necessary to identify what’s going wrong, so you can make it right; but my point is that focusing too much on the negative, giving it too much attention will only set you back, not fix the problem.

Say you’re running an online business. You’re selling a few items here and there but nothing near the amount you want to be at. Initially you’ll probably get upset, wonder why nothing is going right. Maybe you’ll even consider giving up. But instead of focusing all your attention on whats going wrong in your business… try focusing on whats going right. Maybe you’re not making thousands a month off your products, but if you’re selling anything at all, then clearly you’re doing something right! Focus on that. Figure out what it is about what you are selling that’s working. Once you know what works you can keep doing it. Not only is it more helpful to identify what is working, but it’ll do wonders for your outlook on the situation as opposed to being down on yourself for things not going your way.

Like attracts like. Give more attention to the positive, more positive things will happen. This works the other way around though too. Thinking negatively and dwelling on the wrong things will only make you upset – bringing more negativity.

Instead of telling yourself you’re doing a bad job or that your failing. Think about all the things you’re doing right. Maybe you only make a sale once a month, but are your customers happy? Pride yourself in your customer satisfaction rather than dwelling on the low sales.

Find the positive in the apparent negative and things will immediately start to look up.

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  1. Nice post! Sometimes it’s easy to be defeated by the negativity, but your post reminds us all that we can focus on the positive and good things will happen. Thanks!

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