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For today’s post I want to spread the word about a great project a fellow artist is working on. Her name is Shawna Mayo, she is the creative mind behind JSB Arts. She is a disabled veteran who turned to ceramics as therapy in November of 2011.

When Shawna is sitting at the pottery wheel she says “the demons of war and physical disabilities seem to disappear. No longer do I feel like a disabled burden to society and my fiancé; but I feel able bodied again.” Her goal is raise at least $5,000 to buy a pugmill for her studio. A pugmill would bring her one step closer to freedom and being self-reliant in her studio.


Shawna launched her kickstarter project to raise money for her goal yesterday and already has 30 backers and has raised $1,350!! Now the catch is she will only receive the funds raised if she reaches her goal of $5,000 so let’s help her get there!

If you’d like to read more about Shawnas project visit her project page at

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