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Owning your domain name is such a great investment to make. And don’t get the wrong idea when I say investment. You’d only be “investing” around $15 a year, if that. The benefits of owning a domain to your blog or website definitely outweigh the small amount of money you’d be parting with. Below I’ve listed 5 reasons why you should take the leap! And I have a discount code for those interested :)

1. Higher level of professionalism. While it’s totally fine to start out with a free hosting service like blogpost or, upgrading and owning your domain name makes you appear much more professional in the blogging world. You can go from, “ to  Depending on which hosting service you decide to go with you could also get a free email account with it.

You then look even MORE professional when you tell your readers to email you at rather than that email address you’ve had since you were 8.

2. Search Engine Rankings. If you own your domain name, you automatically are ranked higher in the search engines. Search engine optimization can get complicated with keywords, meta data etc, but simply owning your domain will definitely get your site closer to the top of the google pages.

3. Easier recognition. With so much information being thrown at people these days, having a name that stands out and is easy to remember will bring a lot more traffic to your site. I’ve actually gotten emails from readers of my other blog Blart telling me they always remember to check my site for new articles because the name stands out to them.

4. You can have your domain name forward to anything. For example if you sell photography on Etsy you can buy a domain called, point your domain to Etsy and then users who search Kevins Photography will be automatically redirected to your Etsy shop.

5. Building your personal brand. Owning your site’s domain shows that you and/or your business is trustworthy. You took the time to invest in your brand and shows a lot of credibility.

If you’re thinking about buying a domain I would recommend I personally use them and have never had a problem and they have great customer service if you need help setting anything up. AND I can get you a discount! If you use this referral code WOWkelly42 you’ll get 20% off your order!

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  1. blarghhhhh it’s taken. I have the option of doing or .net or .co or .info … thanks! Well, unless I want to pay over 70 dollars!
    I could do but seems like a mouthful, no?

    • That’s really taken already? Yea is kinda long. I can’t believe someone else has that already!

  2. I’ve seriously been thinking about getting my own domain. I think I might be ready to just do it! =0)

  3. Great info. It’s true that a lot of .com domain names are already taken.
    I had to go with .net for because of it.
    What’s your take on a .net domain?

    • I would definitely try for a .com first but a .net is totally fine too. In my opinion its much much better to have a relevant .net domain than a .com that is off topic or doesn’t properly represent your site.

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