How to add an image behind your blog post title


Today I’m going to show you how to easily add an image behind your blog post title. It’s a great way to add another personal touch to your blog. For this tutorial I’m working with blogger, however you can do this with any blog platform, the coding might just be slightly different. Anyway, this is [...]

The secret to successfully building a business

finding your niche

Today I wanted to write a post about what I think to be the most important thing to figure out when building a business. It also applies to writing blogs, ebooks, actual books etc. So what is it? Finding your niche. A niche is basically your specialty. Typically, the more focused and specific your niche is, the [...]

Top 10 Etsy Shops – Top ten handmade sellers on Etsy


Today I wanted to share with you the current top 10 Etsy shops. These ten shops each have had a minimum of 35,000 sales! All these sellers have some amazing handmade products that you should check out. These shops are definitely a huge inspiration and truly prove that it is possible to make a living doing something [...]

Product descriptions – How to write descriptions that sell


Having a great product descriptions are a huge key to success when selling your work online.  When a potential customer browses your shop, all they have to go by are your photos and descriptions. Below I have a few tips to help you write amazing product descriptions that will hopefully make your items fly out [...]

Etsy success – how to promote your shop


With over 800,000 active shops on Etsy, it can be a challenge to stand out. But that doesn’t mean give up! It just means you’re going to have to put some work into it. I know that there are few people that actually make their living off Etsy; but the majority keep it as a [...]

Working from home – 7 tips to keep you sane


Ever since I left my “real” job and began working for myself full time I’ve struggled a bit with finding a balance between work and my personal life. There are typically two extremes, either you’ll work constantly or get distracted by being home and not get anything done. In the beginning, I found myself working [...]

FREE Giveaway! – Two months of free ad space


It’s time for a giveaway! This giveaway is for two months of free ad space. I’ve done a bunch of research on where the best place to put ads are and have come up with that the end of each post is a great spot. Why is this? Well, once a reader is finished reading [...]

Plagiarism – Learn how to protect your content


Today I want to talk about plagiarism, a personal pet peeve of mine… and I’m pretty sure lawyers aren’t too fond of it either. I know it sounds childish, “MOM, HE’S COPYING ME!” but copycats are unfortunately not only found in elementary schools. The frustrating thing about technology these days is that it is SO [...]

Improve SEO for your site – 5 helpful tips to get you started


Click for image source So you created a website, worked on it for hours and hours on end and came up with a great looking site.  You’ve got some excellent content and a nice looking design but you’re getting hardly any views. Don’t give up just yet. There’s nothing wrong with your articles and it’s [...]

How to create a blog button


An easy step by step tutorial for creating a functional blog button for your site A blog button can be great tool for getting your name out there. Whether you’re swapping with another blogger, or someone just wants to share your button to let everyone know they enjoy reading your blog.  In any case, if [...]


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