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Having a great product descriptions are a huge key to success when selling your work online.  When a potential customer browses your shop, all they have to go by are your photos and descriptions. Below I have a few tips to help you write amazing product descriptions that will hopefully make your items fly out of your shop!

1. Write your descriptions as if there were no pictures.  You have to sell your customer an item they can’t physically see or touch. Sound like a daunting task? Not really, just keep your senses in mind! (See, Hear, Smell, Touch and Taste) A few pieces of information you’ll want to include:

-What does your item look like, what color(s) is it?

-How big is it? What are the measurements?

-How much does it weigh?

-What materials is it made from?

-What does your item sound like? (This won’t apply to most unless you’re selling something like a music box or wind chimes)

-What does it smell like (especially if you’re selling soaps or candles)

-What does it feel like? What is the texture? Is it soft, rough, smooth?

-What does it taste like? (This generally won’t apply either unless you’re selling some type of food or candy)

What you want to do is make the potential customer feel like they know exactly what they will be receiving. A lot of people, especially in this economy, aren’t going to waste money on something they’re not 100% sold on.

2. List some features that make this product unique. Is there something that makes your item stand out from the rest? If so your descriptions are an excellent place to say it. Say your product is made from all natural eco friendly materials, this is a huge selling point for a lot of people. Including that in your description could make or break someones decision to purchase from you.

3. Is there a story behind your work? This especially applies to the handmade community. People who buy handmade generally appreciate the hard work and personal attention that goes into each and every piece. You don’t need to write a novel but including a brief personal story of how this piece was created could really add something special to your description.

4. Are there special care instructions? This especially applies to clothing. Is it machine washable? Do you need to wash it by hand? Personally, before I purchase something I want to know it’s going to last and be worth the money. I think it’s important to know how to care for your item so you don’t end up ruining it.

5. Layout. It actually makes a big difference. When people are looking for information, usually, they want it quick. If someone has a hard time finding the information they’re looking for they just might be turned off and look at another seller. Here is what I’m talking about.

Both descriptions include the same information, but number two is much easier to read. Your customer can quickly find out what they need to know efficiently and with ease.

So if you’ve been having a little trouble figuring out what to write in your product descriptions, hopefully you can use some of these tips and make your online store a success!

Do you have any other advice for writing descriptions? Comment below!

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