A step-by-step guide to successful sales on Etsy

I recently bought a book that had some really awesome tips for selling on Etsy. It’s called, “How to sell your crafts online. A step-by-step guide to successful sales on Etsy and beyond.” Aside from the fact that it has some excellent content, the whole design of the book is really aesthetically appealing, which I LOVED!

The book touches on a ton of subjects that were really helpful for me. Some of the topics I learned the most from were “Search Engine Optimization,” “The Art of Tagging,” and “Tracking Your Progress with Google Analytics.” There are 32 chapters in total (which I will list momentarily) and I absolutely took some really valuable information from each and every section.
And the best part, it’s under $15, how great is that?!



Chapters in the book include:
1. Naming Your Etsy Shop
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. Your Etsy Banner
4. Writing Listings that Sell
5. A Crash Course in Photography
6. The Art of Tagging
7. Profiling You
8. Google Email
9. Packaging and Preparation
10. Creating Professional Business Cards
12. Who Loves You?
13. Tracking Your Progress with Google Analytics
14. Connecting on the Etsy Forums
15. Joining and Forming Etsy Teams
16. Creating Etsy Treasuries
17. Get Ahead in the Holidays
18. Your Google Places
19. Submitting to dmoz
20. Stumbling with StumbleUpon
21. Flickr – Your Online Photo Album
22. We Love Etsy
23. Getting Ideas from Google Reader
24. Of Tweeting and Twitter
25. Blogging – Your Online Diary
26. Facebook
27. Creating a Lens with Squidoo
28. Your HubPage
29. Further Web 2.0 Sites
30. Writing a Mini-masterpiece with EzineArticles
31. Advertising with Craigslist
32. Making a Movie with YouTube
If you’re struggling with sales, or just want some great advice I definitely recommend getting this book. It will provide you with awesome information.
And did I mention you can get ALL this information for under $15!
You can read more about it by clicking right here
You can buy it here!

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