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You put so much work into your blog, wouldn’t it be nice if your blog could do some work for you?  There are many reason why people start blogging; sometimes it’s to express themselves, some want to promote their business, some start with the intention of making money. Whatever your reason for starting is, learning how to monetize your blog is definitely worth it.  As I wrote in a previous article, finding your niche and doing what you love is the key to a successful business. That being said, before you think about earning some extra income from your blog, make sure you’re passionate about the topic(s) you write about. Those who start blogging with the assumption that they will be millionaire overnight, quickly realize it doesn’t work that way. You can absolutely earn a lot but it takes time and if you’re not in love with the topic, monetizing your blog probably won’t be very successful.

Below I’ll list some methods I currently use/have used in the past to earn some extra money from my blogs.

Google Adsense: This is probably the most popular and well known way to monetize websites. I’m planning on writing a later post about the things I’ve learned about Adsense and which ad types, sizes, and colors are best for maximum revenue. But basically, you’ll add the google adsense code to your site and the algorithm will pick up on the content of your articles. It will then show relevant ads related to your topics. When someone clicks on an ad on your site, you get paid! Some ads are worth more than others, the more obscure topics will generally pay higher per click than the more common ones.

Amazon Associates: From my experience, this method works the best around the holidays. There are a few different methods that you can use Amazon Associates; you can place a general “amazon” ad on your site, you can choose a specific item to promote, or you can build a storefront with your picks of amazon products.  I found that handpicking products works the best by far. On one of my older blogs I would write an article and then find products relevant to the topic and post them either underneath the entire post or within the content itself. Something else you can do is pick an item and promote it by writing an entire article just about that product. Personally, I would only do that if I have the product myself and can vouch for it being a quality item.

The coolest thing about the amazon program is that as long as someone is directed to amazon you receive a commission of ANYTHING they buy within a certain time frame. I found out that someone had clicked on a book that I was promoting but ended up buying a tv. So instead of receiving a commission for a $15 book, I earned a percentage of a $200 television.

Affiliate Marketing: This is where you’ll place an ad on your website for a certain company and if someone is referred to their site by you and then make a purchase, you make a commission off it. It’s  very similar to Amazon. Sometimes there will be a flat rate you will earn and sometimes there will be a percentage based on how much was purchased.  There are websites like Clickbank, Linkshare and Commission Junction that have a huge number of advertisers you can pick from. Or other companies have their own affiliate programs. Find a company you like and just search their websites, they probably will have some kind of affiliate program.

Writing Sponsored Posts: Some companies will send you one of their products to review and then write up a post about it. Sometimes they will let you keep the product and others will pay you for your work. If you do a google search you’ll find tons of sites that post openings when companies are looking for bloggers to review their product. Occasionally you could be personally contacted. I once was asked by a textbook rental company to write about their services. I declined that offer because I felt it didn’t mesh with the content of the blog they were asking about but they offered to pay me $25 to write a short article about them.

Selling your own products: If you’re a crafter, artist, or have some type of service to offer, promoting it on your blog could do wonders for your business and your wallet. If you have a lot of knowledge on a certain topic, you could write and sell an ebook. The best part about selling your own products is that you get to keep 100% of the profits and don’t have to split the commission with any third party services.

If you’re interested in starting to monetize your blog or website, be prepared to try out different methods. You’ll have to figure out what works best for you and your site’s audience. It doesn’t happen overnight so don’t get discouraged, just use trial and error to figure out the best way for you.

What other methods do you use to monetize your blog?

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  1. I’m embarrassed to say this but adsense rejected me! Whyyyyyyyyyyyy I don’t know! I only use skimlinks now-just started but I definitely want to look into the amazon associates thing….but I wouldn’t know how to add it to my blog-ehem:)

    • No don’t be embarrassed!! The first blog I had I was rejected too. I think you need a certain amount of articles before you apply. Amazon is soo easy there’s no approval process so you just sign up, get your referral code and pick products you want to advertise :)

      • But I want to add it to the side of my blog and say something like
        current loves, etc…like i’ve seen other bloggers do. and that my friend, is where i am completely lost:)

  2. Booo! I was excited after reading your post because I thought the amazon one sounded doable, but then found out that North Carolina residents are ineligible. Darn!

  3. I’ve used adsense on my old blog (still in the process of setting up my new blog!), and while it worked well, once I actually started making money from the blog it suddenly put my account on hold, and never released it. And the lack of communication since has been quite frustrating! (‘on hold’ about six months ago). I may try the amazon associate for my new blog though, since I tend to do that anyway unpaid! ;) Great blog! I’m your newest follower! :)

    • Oh really? I wonder why they did that. Yeah you should definitely try amazon, especially if you’re promoting their products anyway! Thanks for following! :)

  4. Wow, I had no idea about the Amazon thing! Thanks, this is great! I was wondering how I could make a little extra money with the blog!

    • Yeah Amazon is great! Usually I focus on it around the holidays when people are really looking to buy gifts but it’s also a really good all around way to make some extra money!

  5. Great suggestions:)

  6. Thanks for this information! I am just barely in the baby stages of regularly blogging, but I will definitely be filing this away.

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